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Multidisciplinary artist and researcher with dual nationality (USA - PERÙ). He began his higher studies at the Faculty of Architecture at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences during the period 2007 - 2010, later he studied Contemporary Visual Arts at the Corriente Alterna Private Artistic School during the years 2011 - 2016.

He is Cultural Manager and founding member of the "UMANO" Artistic Collective. Sociocultural project created in 2013 with the mission of promoting, producing and educating through art, by the creation of exhibitions in non-traditional alternative spaces, where the diversity of the arts, artists and the general public can converge and dialogue in a single space. creating interdisciplinary experiences where the human faculties of creative expression are celebrated, a place of recognition and exploration between the community and artists of all branches.

His conceptual work is linked to the analysis of urban sprawl, experimental forms of living and the government processes that act on them. With great interest in issues of Identity, Memory and Cultural Heritage. As methodological instruments for the process of his work, using social cartography, interviews and field recordings. Later uses tools such as illustration, painting, video editing and sound production treatment for the execution of the projects. Consequently, his works are exhibited in multiple forms such as interactive installations, video art and sound sculptures.

Randy Alva has exhibited his work on different platforms and spaces, including The Latino Art Museum, Pomona California – USA (2016), The Studio P52 – Barcelona, Spain (2017), The Cultural Center of the French Alliance – Lima, Peru ( 2018), The Autonomous University of Querétaro – Querétaro, Mexico (2019), The CondeDuque Contemporary Cultural Center – Madrid, Spain (2019) and The MAC Museum of Contemporary Art – Lima, Peru (2020).

On the other hand, the affinity for digital and electronic arts has led him to interact and continuously work with different brands and event companies under the alter ego of SEELA, being hired to generate visual installations, video mapping and 3d Art for concerts, performances and video clips for renowned music artists such as J Lumen (HU), Oscar L (USA), Karotte (DEU), Sasha Carassi (ITA), Tocadisco (DEU), Sebastian Leger (FRA), Kaiserdisco (DEU), Mad Professor ( GY), Iration Steppas (UK), Jha Shaka (LDN), Mungos Hi Fi (UK), Lee Scratch Perry (JM) and Earl Gateshead (UK) among others. .

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